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Financial Advice for Big Families

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Financial Advice for Big Families

Posted On: January 21, 2021 by Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri in: Budgeting, Personal Finances, Save Money, Savings, Spending

When it comes to big families, there is extra love and enjoyment to go around. There also comes more money that needs to be spent. Managing finances with a larger family can be stressful and difficult depending on the expenses you have. We’re here to offer some helpful financial advice for big families, so you don’t have to feel tight on cash!  Own Less Vehicles  Reduce transportation costs as much as possible by limiting the number of vehicles you own. Gas, upkeep, repairs and car payments add up quickly for each vehicle. Work on scheduling carpools and staying home when possible to limit your driving. Having multiple kids in school and activities can have you driving all around, so come up with a plan that makes the most sense, so you aren’t wasting time and gas.  Eat Out Less   Each mouth you need to feed adds up, especially if you have multiple growing boys who