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Cybersecurity Tips Every Parent Should Know

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Cybersecurity Tips Every Parent Should Know

Posted On: May 18, 2022 by Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri in: Cyber Security

Today’s generation of kids know how to operate a device before they learn their ABCs. The internet has become inevitable. Parents, exercise the 3 P’s below to ensure online protection for your family.  1. Practice Safe Online Habits  When it comes to practicing safe habits online, it tends to be easier for parents if their children can understand why we implement online safety practices. Having these conversations can be hard, however more times than not, the child will understand why we utilize these essential cyber skills. Start with explaining basic rules such as posting photos – we truly do not know who is seeing what we are doing and where we are, that is why we only send photos to people we know directly.   Another basic rule to practice as a parent is the idea of ‘clicking with caution.’ Phishing is very dangerous and only takes one click for malicious software to get on any device. Checking over spelling and links prior