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How to Save for Your Dream Vacation

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How to Save for Your Dream Vacation

From sunny beaches to tall mountains, everyone has their own version of a dream vacation. How do you save enough cash to go? It’s important to see the world and take in all it has to offer, which is why Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri has come up with these tried and trusted ways to save for your dream vacation.

Timing Is Key

Instead of taking off 5 whole days of work, is there a week where you can travel to include a weekend and a holiday? This automatically gives you a three day start to your vacation, with no time having to be taken off yet! You can also factor in the time of year, as plane tickets and places to stay can be cheaper during some months over others. This can easily save you hundreds right off the bat.

Cut Back to Needs, Not Wants

There are plenty of things you don’t need to be spending money on each month. Stop getting your nails done, buy generic brands instead of brand name, eat out less and drop some memberships. You don’t need ANY of those items, so cut them out of your life and put all that savings towards your vacation fund!

Airbnb It

Airbnb has phenomenal prices compared to hotels in some areas. Instead of paying $200 a night, you can pay $60. This also allows you to be able to bounce around to different places in the country you choose to explore, instead of being tied down to only areas that have hotels. There are also plenty of alternatives to Airbnb, so check them out to see what they offer!

Download A Budgeting App

An app can help you stay on top of your savings while trying to rack up money for your trip. While these apps have cool features, like the capability to set financial goals or save toward a single event – like your vacation – it’s still up to you to make it happen. Some apps include: Mint, Acorns, Pocket Guard, Albert and Wally.

Travel During the Off-Season

Going when everyone else normally doesn’t travel is a perfect way to save! Even though it’s the off-season, you’ll still be able to explore all the beautiful landmarks and places you want to see. Lots of places are always warm, so traveling at a different time than you originally wanted won’t hurt your chance to soak up the sun.

We hope these tips help you start saving for your big trip! Getting out and exploring the world is so important, so we want to help in any way we can. Open a savings account with us today to help store your vacation fund!


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