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Finance Tips for Newlyweds

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Finance Tips for Newlyweds

Whether you’re getting married in the coming years or just recently said “I Do,” this exciting time of your life comes with things to think about and discuss. How you manage money will change and be adjusted once you get married, so planning it out beforehand is a must. Here are some tips for you and your partner to remember for after the wedding day. 

Talk about your debt 

Honesty is key in a relationship, which means it’s time to be honest about what debt you have. Whether you have student loans, a car loan, credit card debt or something else, knowing how much there is left to pay is important before planning your budget. This might not be the most fun conversation to have, but it’s an important one nonetheless. 

Discuss your financial past 

How your family handled money when you grew up can play a part in how you deal with finances when you’re older. It’s always a good idea to hear where your partner or spouse is coming from to get a better understanding of why they do things a certain way when it comes to their finances. 

Plan a new budget 

Once you get married, your individual budgets become one. Figuring out a monthly household budget is important so you’re on the same page. A good place to start is listing all of your monthly expenses, then deciding which ones aren’t necessary. Knowing what your budget is will help both of you avoid overspending. 

Decide on a bank account option 

Something to consider is whether you plan on having a separate or joint bank account. While there are pros and cons to both, one decision might benefit you over another. Once you decide what to go with, you’ll have to go over the cons of that choice and figure out how to handle issues that may arise in the future. For example, if you choose separate bank accounts, you’ll have to decide how to handle separating bills. On the other hand, with a joint bank account, budgeting can become a future issue. 

Think about retirement 

Retirement might seem far out, but it’s something that will play a big role in your life together. It’s better to start saving for retirement sooner rather than later. 

Keep the conversation going 

Continue talking about finances after you get married – conversations about money are important in every phase of life. Keep the financial talks going so you stay on the same page. 

Congratulations on your soon-to-be or new marriage! We wish you and your spouse the best and hope these financial tips can be beneficial to your relationship. 


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