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4 Steps to Safeguard Your Security

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4 Steps to Safeguard Your Security

Who knew four little steps could be the difference between keeping your information secure and falling victim to cyber predators. With today’s current cybercrime tactics, you can never be too careful! At Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri, we want to help ensure you and your finances stay safe, and offer these four strategic steps to boost your personal cyber security.

  1. Safeguard your passwords. Instead of desktop post-it notes, store your passwords somewhere secure like the LastPass app. Not only will apps like these help you remember which password to use for what, they will all be stored in one place, and you can continue to make them more complicated to create an added layer of protection.


  1. Do NOT use public Wi-Fi when possible. While hot spot coffee shops may offer high-speed Wi-Fi to customers, never sign on until you have confirmation from a store employee that the business is genuinely offering the service. Many cyber criminals will prey on locations such as these to gain access to both your devices and your information. We suggest waiting until you’re on your own dedicated Wi-Fi to access secure information such as your bank account or credit card portal.


  1. Never give out your personal information. Cyber criminals are getting more clever each and every year. With many phishing schemes now incorporating the names of your family or distant relatives, these complicated schemes can make it seem essential to share your banking or credit card information. No matter what the occasion or reason, NEVER give out your personal financial information over the phone or online. Always contact the representative you know, or call the business’s official number to authenticate the request before acting on it.


  1. When purchasing online, always choose credit over debit. Thankfully credit card providers such as VISA and MasterCard offer zero percent fraud liability for their customers. For this reason, it is far safer to make purchases online via your credit card compared to your debit card. While your debit card can certainly be used online, should it become compromised, you could be out of those stolen funds until the proper insurance or reports are filed.

There are always new ways to be proactive when it comes to your personal security. If you have further questions on how to keep your financial information secure, our team is here to help! Give us a call or stop by your nearest Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri location to speak with one of our personal bankers today.

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