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4 Cyber Security Resolutions for the New Year

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4 Cyber Security Resolutions for the New Year

As you begin to plan your projects and goals for 2017, remember to be proactive when protecting your personal information. To help make the coming year more secure, Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri recommends adding the following resolutions to your list:


  1. Know and Protect Your Passwords. Remembering your passwords and protecting them can be two different things. To best protect your passwords we suggest updating them to each includes a number, symbol and capital letter. Phrases like, “I love my dog,” can be adjusted to a password such as “[email protected],” so that they’re easily remembered. To help organize all your passwords, there are secure apps like 1Password, LastPass, and Keeper to help track all of the sites and services you use.
  2. Avoid Clickbait Links. While the latest scandal in Hollywood may seem like a fun read, many times it can lead to unwanted spam or other tainted content. Before clicking on a link for its headline, always check the source of origination to be sure it’s safe. By only traveling to sites you recognize, you can reduce the risk of malware or other potential viruses.
  3. Reduce Public WiFi Use. Limit the amount of material you access while using public wifi or cellular data. While these technologies allow you to access the web while on-the-go, they do pose additional security risks. Opting for personal wifi, or other secure internet portals can offer more assurance that your personal information isn’t being seen or used by any other web user in the area.
  4. Check Transactions Twice a Month. We recommend looking at the purchase history for both your checking account and your credit cards at least twice a month. Doing this ensures you are aware of any fraudulent charges relatively soon after they occur. By being timely in these discoveries, you become better equipped when contacting your bank or credit card provider to begin repairs.


Make 2017 the year of learning, and share these great tips and tricks with your friends. You never know how much it could save them!


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