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E-Banking, Free Checking & More Services for Your Personal Banking

Get the access to your money that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking to open a free checking account, to let your money build up with a savings account or to be able to make transfers quickly from the Internet, Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri has the personal banking services to fill your needs.

Online & Mobile Banking

Maintain absolute control over your bank accounts from anywhere. Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri’s Online Banking and Mobile Banking services give you access to your money 24/7. Find out how Online & Mobile Banking can help you.

Personal Checking Accounts

Every person has different needs. We offer a variety of personal checking accounts— including Free Checking, Senior Checking, Regular Checking, Money Market and Now Accounts—to fit your unique needs. Find the Personal checking account that fits your needs.

Savings, CDs & IRAs

You can never be too prepared. A savings account, CD or IRA from Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri helps your money grow faster but still gives you access to funds when you need it. Learn more about the benefits of savings accounts, CDs and IRAs.

Debit & ATM Cards

Get quick access to cash or make a quick purchase with an ATM or debit card from Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri. Check out all the benefits that come with an Exchange Bank debit & ATM card.

Credit Cards

When used correctly, a credit card can be a valuable tool that helps you make a purchase when you’re short on cash while also helping build your credit. Learn more about the VISA® Platinum credit cards offered by Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri and apply today.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity thieves are finding more ways to commit a crime that will cost you valuable time and money to correct. Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri offers LegalShield Identity Theft Plan to help protect your identity. Learn more about how the LegalShield Identity Theft Plan can help you today.